80% of Businesses Use or are Considering Using Industry Cloud Services

Currently cloud is one of the most popular services offered by IT solution companies. With cloud, people can easily and safely store files in cyberspace without the fear of losing them forever. Data on cloud can be downloaded on any computing device as long as users do not forget their access codes.

Different types of cloud services

"Cloud Services" is quite a generic term as it has several subcategories: namely, Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS), Platform as a Service (PAAS) and Software as a Service (SAAS). The most popular is Software as a Service, which is being utilised by tech companies who want to give private individuals access to applications via the Internet.

Industry Cloud

For bigger companies, there's now a cloud service called "Industry Cloud," which is specifically for big business organisations such as healthcare and finance. The support for industry cloud is superb because it is usually being managed by experts who specialise in cloud computing.

Despite the neat functions of cloud, however, it would seem that not all companies fully appreciate its functions. According to a survey conducted by Tech Pro Research, around 23% of the surveyed companies say that they are considering cloud services but haven’t laid out a timeline as to when they will adopt the tech. Worse, a solid 20% say that they have no plans to consider or adopt industry cloud services in their company. Last year, there were only 38% who were already using industry cloud services, and 19% were planning to use it by 2016.

There isn’t much difference between large and small companies using the cloud. According to the study, about 59% of small companies that have less than 50 employees are using cloud or at least planning on using it in the future. 58% of large corporations (businesses that have over 1,000 employees) said the same thing.

It is the SME companies who are unsure about using cloud. This could be credited to the fact that mid-sized companies are still expanding; and cloud services are at the bottom of their priorities. Mid-sized companies can be wary about change as they're neither as successful as the big corporations or they are too small to try and risk new ventures.

Main reason for using industry cloud

There are several reasons why tech-savvy companies are using industry cloud services. The top three are data security, operational costs and speed. Cloud services can effectively be accessed via a smartphone and a solid data connection.

Downloading files from cloud will depend on the device being used to extract the data.

Why are some people apprehensive about using it?

The top reason for not using industry cloud services is funding. Industry cloud isn't exactly cheap, as 53% of the companies in the study say that they are spending about $100,000 annually for the service. Budgets for industry cloud may be increasing for those who appreciate the benefits of the technology but the annual cost remains high.

However, despite its price, it would seem that the future of industry cloud is high. The Tech Pro Research summed up the study by saying, "This is a time for great creative potential thanks to the vertical depth of the industry cloud, and the vendors who will take and retain the lead are those who establish products that are seen as must have offerings to customers due to compelling technological and business benefits."

This is a guest article written by TechnoloJenB